Why the word is still WordPress

Here at Publisto we understand that you need to have control over your website. Let's say that your site is perfectly thought out and has undergone all the iterations needed to reach this level. Did you ever need to upload a new picture to your product? Change that little sentence on a service’s description? Remove an old mail which you no longer use from your contact form? And yet even though they are such small corrections, you can’t convince or even locate your developer to do it? Well, ok you don’t have to persuade us, we are here for you 24/7, but there is a more elegant solution that enables you to do all those tasks, without the need of learning HTML or having someone to do it for you.

Into the world of WordPress:

WordPress started as a blogging tool, so that anyone could easily create a blog with minimum to zero knowledge of programming. Since then, web developers utilized the simplicity and plug-ability of its design and architecture to kick-start any kind of websites, blogs, e-shops, marketplaces and -of course- simple presentation sites. Today, the platform commands a hefty 60-70% of CMS-based websites. Why all this success? Could WordPress be the appropriate way to address the issues raised in the previous paragraph?

The CMS solution:

The key lies in the tools provided by any proper CMS, in that you can alter the content (and in some cases the layout) of any page of your website without HTML or CSS knowledge, in an environment similar to any document editor you have used already.

Want to change a text element? Simply go to the back office of that page find the section you look for and type in the new text. Want to change a picture? SImply select any picture from your media gallery and replace it.

Now WordPress is really good at this; especially when using its many plug-ins which provide even more control by allowing the user to alter the layout of the page as well (those plugins are called page builders).

But WordPress is not the only player in the game...

Why not Drupal or Joomla?

There is no reason not to. Those two have been in the game for many years, have an extended line of plug-ins and services in order to satisfy any need. The reason we use WordPress is that it has the largest community of core developers, plugin and theme creators. Even if you’re not technical, you understand that communities are big with us devs. They ensure that we have all the testing and debugging of the core project done by so many people.

In addition WordPress has proven to be the most secure while having 25 of the world's most renowned security experts in their core security team. Even so, Publisto, like all respected software development houses, always takes care to go the extra mile to further secure every aspect of your website.

After all, you gotta change that image when YOU want to. Not when your developer can.

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