Dr. Stylesheet or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the CSS


Ask any front-end developer, the bane of his existence has to be scripting proper css. And by proper I mean:

  1. Site must be responsive and display beautifully in any device

  2. Older browsers should be provided with the necessary alternatives in order for an uniform experience

  3. Code should be clean and well documented

But wait! There must be tools available to help you! I mean come on, you are programmers, you literally try to built software that will make your job obsolete . Yes, yes there are! Let me talk a bit about them.
Sass is a css preprocessor that makes writing clean and well documented css easy. CSS is a monolith that alters its state slowly and through many iterations. With sass you are allowed to write css like it is meant to be: a programming language and not a consecutive set of rules.
Gulp is essentially a task manager. You can program it to do certain actions in certain events, like on save minimize my stylesheet (saves server space and response time), look for inconsistencies, reload the browser and so much more. Possibilities are endless and it's a vastly timesaving device.
Not a tool per se, yet extremely useful. Using them through sass or in a task on gulp makes cross browser css a blast. Instead of having to write down different rules for each browser a well configured polyfill does it for you.
Now I know what you want to say: there must be tons of more tools out there to help you. Yes there are. But those 3 in my opinion are still an absolute must!
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