The Transformation of Advertising

The Transformation of Advertising

The Charm of Going Digital

When I first started working in advertising it was all about Post-it notes, big banners and flashy words. Something like Mad Men in a more European sort of way. A whole team was required to build a campaign and loads of brainstorming. Needlessly time consuming meetings would take place albeit trying to find inspiration in each other’s words and ideas. Huge amounts of paper, ink and whiteboards where wasted in search of the ultimate ideas that would enable us to best sell our client’s product.
Alas, the time has come to put away the Post-it notes and whiteboards. Lets click on our computer in order to find the best software that will enable us to build the most inspirational ad possible, while concentrating on what we do best, produce ideas; ideas that make products and services enticing and attractive.
Software developers have grasped the need for this digital transformation that affects all working sectors and now advertising and are constantly producing new tools that will digitize the advertising experience.
Tools such as AdWords, Facebook Ads, Tweeter and Linkedin are there to enable you to lead campaigns at a click, making your life and work easier and optimizing your creative initiatives. Your audiences are no longer localized and available at a certain radius. Instead they are worldwide and only a click away; 30 year olds in China or 40 something in Russia you name it, you click it, they see it!
More importantly, the above tools and various others such as, MixPanel, MoZ Pro or Cyfe offer you detailed analysis on the effectiveness of your campaigns, audience reactions and demographics. All that data that was previously unattainable is now available. You can use it to readjust your strategy and targeting and build better and more successful campaigns.
Digital transformation and the new technologies are arming you with power tools that make your job easier, faster and more oriented. It’s up to you to make the most out of them and enter the new disruptive yet charming world of digital advertising.

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