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Making Beautiful Websites

Ask any designer, about what discourages users faster than a 404 page. They will all give you the same answer: a bad font. Even worse? A broken font. Why is that? And anyway, why are some fonts better than others? Let’s find out.

Fonts are important because they let your eyes read faster, more easily and, they generally add interest to the content. They make a mediocre article appear good just because it is easier to read.

In the early days of the internet, your choices were limited. You had to use system fonts (Arial, Times New Roman etc) or else your user wouldn’t be able to see them. Nowadays, we can use custom web fonts and font services like Google Fonts. Life is much easier (and better-looking). Having a font that reflects your site’s personality and your business model really makes your customer/user feel at home. Really, that’s the idea: to make your user feel at home. And while you cannot provide him with slippers and coffee, why wouldn’t you provide him with a great typeface?

Things is that having a great font is neither free nor easy. You have to find it and in most cases pay for it (to be frank though, prices are really affordable and relatively cheap in conjunction to the amount of work a typeface requires). Finding the perfect font is a tedious and complex art on its own. Luckily, our designers are well trained and really good at digging great visual stuff to the surface; that's one of the reasons we love and work with them!

Another key point in selecting a marvelous font is language support. In case your content is either multilingual or in a non-latin alphabet, most fonts will fail to display. In this case, you either acquire a font that supports non-latin characters (eg: Greek) or provide a nice fallback font for these characters (suggested on multilingual sites).

Now on where to find them: best place to start is Google Fonts. Providing great filtering system you will find just the font you need and all the next steps necessary to use it. It’s a really good service, with fantastic user experience - and these are not even the best parts. Best part is: it’s free.

A better alternative? After all, you probably aren't going to build the website yourself. That’s why we are here. Our seasoned team of designers will find the best tools and fonts for you and your business and make it truly stand out from the competition.

Us and your slippers. Uh, and your coffee.

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