A new generation of managers in commercial shipping have finally realised the need for a centralised digital fleet control. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies mature as machine learning techniques begin to work their magic on real vessel and journey datasets revolutionising Marine Technology. Visit Vesselfront to find out more about how you can gain digital control of your fleet or contact us.

Vesselfront | Web Service

Virtually access your fleet and benefit from immersive walk-through technology.


OpenSeas | Booking Service

Using state of the art technologies, Publisto entirely redesigned the user experience and features of the OpenSeas mobile app service for iOS and Android devices. The new fast and seamless Open Seas app manage successfully the 24 million annual ticket booking service.


Piccard | Digital Marketing Platform

A digital marketing platform that allowed Piccard, a marine industry supplier to intelligently use the AIS tracking system APIs and vessel tracking services for email marketing purposes to vessels, ports and operating companies globally.


FORTHcrs (presently belongs to Linxx Holding SA.) | Website

Publisto designed and implemented the online presence of the largest passenger shipping ticket distribution network and developed an interoperability support system for the company’s partners.