Human & Machine Aligned – Your Hybrid Intelligence

Strategy by humans, transformation by AI

Artificial Intelligence

Every machine learning problem is composed of several key choices to be made in a standard pipeline of five steps: feature extraction, proper modeling, learning criteria, optimization techniques and finally empirical evaluation. We partner with machine learning teams across the world for the best options but first, we do the groundwork: we identify your use case, we develop an AI roadmap, and assess the feasibility of your AI projects. Having you onboard in all the steps is paramount for a successful project.

Data Transformation

We create the infrastructure, processes and culture that turns data and analytics into sources of company strenght. To do so, we utilize best practices to look deeper into your data and find insights, build accurate predictive models and capture patterns and anomalies in data using sophisticated AI tools that would normally take humans years to process.

Internet of Things

We have worked with top-of-the-line data collection architectures and sensors to provide your physical business with more visibility. We offer IoT Consulting to help you assess your IoT readiness, identify IoT use cases, and develop a strategy for implementing IoT solutions. This includes assessing existing infrastructure and systems, identifying IoT technologies and vendors, and creating a roadmap for implementation. We also implement IoT Design and Development, including hardware design, software development, and data analytics to help you collect, process, and analyze IoT data.

Industry Innovation

We want to be at the forefront of change and advise you on the available tools in the market for cost-efficient AI transformation of your organization, without infrastructure and services overuns. Tell us how you imagine using AI in your business or organization and we're available to discuss ways with which you can achieve lasting value and change.