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Strategy by humans, marketing by AI

Audience Intelligence & Branding

We extract key and valuable insights about audiences through data from sources such as Google Trends, Google Analytics & Search Console, Semrush in order to inform, define and plan our strategies based on rich and real-time data, generating authentic business value. By use of sentiment analysis we will determine the general attitude toward the client’s brand, product, or service.
Through Trends Tracking & Reporting, Sentiment analysis, Search Insights, Competitor SEO Analysis and B2B Technologies, we build brands and make them rise above market noise with meaningful stories that resonate.

Digital Spaces Creation & Monitoring

We use our long term experience of website and platform creation, development and maintenance but offer this service as a tool for achieving visibility and leads influence. All digital spaces (including websites, platforms social etc.) are vessels that contribute to the creation and development of a company’s identity and relevance. We run Keyword Searches, analyse website data and Analytics, carry out SEO, offer UI/UX Design and create change that matters. And, we ensure targeted content is prioritized to promote search engine and other digital asset discoverability.

Content Creation & Monitoring

We are strategists, storytellers and creators and as such we offer a unique approach to corporate storytelling. Our Natural Language Processing engines analyze millions of web pages daily and matches against a set of custom keywords for every active campaign we pursue. We connect intent data with engagement data and website visit data to form a completed view of buying journey and produce the right content piece for the right person at the right time. We then monitor content consumption on company and contact level and use machine learning to predict companies in buying window.

Marketing & Digital Amplification

We build the brand infrastructures and compelling content you need to succeed in the digital and social marketplace: but this is half the journey. Our core service is visibility and visibility needs strategy agility and attentive monitoring. Accordingly, our Social Media Marketing and Digital Amplification is turbo-boosted through link building, social content creation, management and link opportunities discovery, email, social, other Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns and amplification.