From Websites to platforms we use digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes, culture and user experiences to meet the changing business and market requirements. Publisto has assisted large hospitality organizations gain digital know-how and substantially improve their digital presence resulting in a more than 400% YTY increase in online booking rates and a substantial pickup in consumer satisfaction.

Mitsis Hotels | Website

Mitsis Hotels is the typical case of a company that needed to upgrade its digital presence. The challenge was to create a single company site seamlessly grouping and connecting 17 hotel sub-domains, each with its own CMS and administrative dashboard. We expect that the outcome will become the most inspiring online presence of any hotel chain in Southeast Europe.


Rambience | Web Service

Rambience is a multi-faceted and intelligent restaurant marketing system that contains a booking platform, a restaurant management system and a PoS that enables restaurant owners and managers to digital centralise their business management have overall control of both their customers and employees keeping them all happy and ultimately resulting in more bookings and hence higher revenue. Rambience is a work-in-progress that was created with the help of the European Union and is estimated for final delivery in the end 2021. Contact us for a free demonstration


Cuisine Blue | Website/ E-commerce

A custom made platform where users can book authentic Greek experiences. Publisto has developed the entire backend and frontend system and User Interfaces and Experiences throughout the platform.


Bassbreak | Website/ E-commerce

A gleaming and beaming animation-rich bartender equipment product showcase and e-commerce website, Bassbreak breaks every rule to create a unique and responsive experience.