EU Projects

Publisto has contributed its experience in the research and implementation of different software solutions and platforms in areas of action related to education and learning in the context of European and national projects. With its experienced design and engineering team, Publisto brings together actors from different sectors for the implementation of highly demanding innovative projects that have been successfully completed with the help of the European Union.

Stories of Tomorrow

In Stories of Tomorrow, is an educational platform that streamlines student visions on the future of space collaboration. Here we worked together with the University of Bayreuth, Greece’s Ellinogermaniki Agogi and the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg and developed conversational agents that worked with chatmaps that were defined by the Actor (user, agent), the Message (text), the Action Type and the Callbacks. The outcome of this ambitious project was the production of an overall impressive conversational experience for thousands of students. Meanwhile, the interplay of written text and gaming has created a genre on its own in mobile gaming.



QTales is a web and mobile collaboration platform that enables users to create books and apps for children where self-publishers, authors, illustrators, voice actors, animators and other related SMEs and professionals communicate, offer and receive services and collaborate. The QTales Authoring Tool features an easy-to-use interface with powerful and sophisticated authoring features which can be used to create and publish interactive e-books for multiple screens (Tablets, PCs, Mac). The published e-books and apps are offered worldwide at the QTales store. The end vision of Qtales, is to be the de facto choice and facilitator of all storytellers for children's stories, brimming European culture and tendered to the world.


Rambience (ready in Autumn 2021)

Rambience is a Restaurant Management Software that enables restaurant owners to manage their business through a web and mobile app. At the same time the Website serves as a booking platform directly connected to the registered businesses. The RMS includes an APP for the waiter’s PoS that is connected to the kitchen for sending and receiving orders. At the same time the platform offers the following services: Restaurant Database including all information and paperwork necessary for running a restaurant, Kitchen and Stock Management, Table Management, Employee Database, Parking Management, Social Media, Reviews and so on. By use of Machine Learning and AI the RMS will gradually learn from client behavior and assist business owners in choices like ingredients and menu items.


Our aim is to continue participating both in European and National Projects either independently or in collaboration with other agents. We wish to continue and advance our Conversational Agent work done so far and work diligently to expand conversational technologies under student-centric approaches. This is due to the fact that “data-based AI systems can process very complex data streams in real time. For next-generation Intelligent Tutoring Systems this means that these systems can use real-time input from learner behaviour and also historical data that can be used to model the learner… Although many systems have been developed in the cognitivist tradition and based on an instructivist approach to pedagogy, also other pedagogical models have frequently been used, like the idea that technology can be used to support and scaffold learning and act as a competent guide and companion. As constructionist models have gained popularity, the emphasis has shifted from teaching to more student-centric approaches”, including support for social learning and games such as our Story Chaser. Conversational natural language systems such as the Google Duplex, the GloVe vectors and the recent release of OpenAI general language models such as GPT-2 (see will allow us to achieve a more future-oriented vision regarding the use of AI in education with solid, equally forward-looking educational institutions around the world.

In sum, we aim to continue to provide breakthrough capacities to schools and universities around the world and to push the envelope on what can be done with agent systems on education and learning. We believe that focus must be placed on student-centric approaches (“No AI without UI”) and consider Publisto’s experience ideal in creating bigger and more controllable educational impacts.

Moreover, at a national level we aim to continue finding and implementing innovative ideas in other sectors such as hospitality, tourism and agriculture that are central to Greece’s development. We believe that by use of groundbreaking technology we can connect these pillars and further contribute National cohesion and development.

If you have a proposal you feel we can contribute or any queries regarding upcoming Horizon or other calls in educational or other technology, do not hesitate to contact our Project Manager Ms Ioli Delivani.