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We Develop Apps that Transform Education into a Captivating Experience. Join Our Family of Users Around the World.

What we do

Publisto™ is a publishing company developing apps and platforms which transform education into a captivating experience.

Our Research

Both through the H2020 Q-Tales Project and in-house research, we address key issues in education systems using both human experts and machine intelligence.

How we treat data

We do not collect or share personally identifiable information but currently evaluate models that provide partners with metrics and accountability.

Discover our products

A new consensus in education places increasing emphasis in early digital reading and gaming. Search for “Publisto” on your device now.


Our team, scattered around the world, consists of educators, technologists, designers, artists or just parents. Among others, here’s who bring them together:

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CEO and Founder

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UX Director

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Project Director

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Head of Engineering


- 6out of 100
children less than five pay visual attention to printed text
- 30 million
more words are heard by a professional’s child by the age of three
- 2 out of 3
of parents earning $75,000 or more own a tablet
- 1 Out of 2
moms across the world believe childhood as they knew it is over

Our Services

It takes having put the long hours required from wireframes to a final build to understand what complex app creation actually involves. From inception to marketing, these are our services:


Our experience in content for children make us a smart choice for intelligently guiding your business to the App Store.                                            


Good design doesn’t show; it just attracts. From wireframes to finished design assets, our emphasis is always in the user.                                        


Impeccable coding and testing by our engineering leads to spectacular custom-made products with positive performance surprises.


Use our extensive marketing experience and our network of advertisers to make the impression you need inside and outside the App Stores.

Our Apps

Interactive iPad storybooks, fast reading iPhone assistants, enlightening games – we constantly evolve our collection of great educational offerings. Check for our separate versions in other languages


  • A unique new way to learn how to read fast while retaining the meaning of what is read.

    Story Chaser - Scott Steinberg, Discovery Channel

  • Story Chaser is a one of a kind app that makes reading fun while helping your child achieve literacy. This game is a blast, even for veteran book lovers.

    Story Chaser - Scott Steinberg, Discovery Channel

  • “Excellent illustrations, engaging narration and original music – 4/5 stars!”

    The Ugly Duckling by Publisto - Kids Best iPad Apps

  • “A fun story, with tons of extra content! A fine addition to your app library!”

    The First Letter - Fun2Tap

  • “Α very cute story with lovely artwork!”

    The First Letter - AppAbled

  • Story Chaser will challenge even good readers to become better, and will help average readers improve their speed.

    Story Chaser - Best Apps For Kids

  • “A child-friendly tale... with a large but unobtrusive set of side activities!”

    The Seller of Dreams - Kirkus Reviews

  • “A magical ebook... a fabulous story... the illustrations lend to an absolute magical feel.”

    The Seller of Dreams - Emily C. Bigelow, iHeartThisApp

  • “Teaches ballet, reading, memory, logic... A nice representation of Tchaikovsky's original ideas... a good way for a child to play in a setting with lovely art and sounds...”

    The Swan Lake - Children’s Technology Review

  • This app really will help teens and adults build reading power that will make a huge difference in their lives.

    Story Chaser - Best Apps For Kids

  • Story Chaser is designed to train young ones in reading skills, as well as for adults to read efficiently via stories and content provided. It combines the classic gravity of great storytelling with lofty illustrations and animations.

    Story Chaser - Bangkok Post

  • “The Swan Lake makes beautiful music... A must-download!”

    The Swan Lake - Apps Playground

  • “The illustrations and classical music are really breathtaking, the narration is pleasant and the visual effects are really catching.”

    The Swan Lake - Special Apps, Special Kids

  • “A beautiful story with quality illustrations set to the classic music of Tchaikovsky – what's not to like!”

    The Swan Lake - AppAbled

  • Story Chaser offers a fun way to sharpen and improve reading skills for teens and adults.

    Story Chaser - Best Apps For Kids

  • “A fun, educational and interactive app for the little ones!”

    Three Little Bears - Bubfriendly

  • “A fantastic creation... simply gorgeous!... 9/10!”

    Three Little Bears - App Master

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